A platform, for young newcomers,

We are a team of social workers, developers, entrepreneurs with a long history of working with Newcomers. We have the motivation to start a project that will impact the newcomer’s community and create a long-needed change in their lives.


We have focused on improving the young newcomers’ lives and motivating them through digital media’s creative use.
To better understand society, education, work, and other critical aspects and values of their lives.

“It is valuable that someone can find their way in life,” Nour, a 19-year-old girl in Gent.
She believes she lost her way; even she can’t think of her dream job.

In our vision, giving motivation starts by understanding their challenges.
One of the effective ways of surmounting challenges is finding the correct information.
On the other hand, Knowing information about a new society and country can help everyone have a better resolution.

-Digital media:
Our project will be on their phone;
We will take full advantage of digital media and tech to have a friendly exchange. It can establish relationships with our audience no matter where they are.
We have a plan to build a mobile app by considering the following personalization future:
Age, Gender, Location, Language, Education, Occupation, Familial status, Interests.
An app can perform complex tasks more efficiently, and it can handle intricate details and provide real-time analytics for us.
Growing and easily updatable through content management practices will always help us become more helpful, practical, and relevant.

Our mission is to identify newcomers’ needs and collaboration with potential organizations to make an effective solution.

When we share knowledge, experience, and abilities, even the most challenging situations become opportunities to learn lessons and improve our way of life.

Our project points to essential information; for every topic and lesson, we have a list of potential organizations to help build the content.

Every organization has a message, those working directly or indirectly with newcomers; we will deliver their message engagingly and practically to our audience.

Become a part of this mission and create positive change.

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